Took me quite a while to write an about page. But I finally did, so there you go:)

I’mย a mom of two, a psychotherapist. A curious soul and a tea lover. I travel and read,

and discover new music, toย lost myself in ๐Ÿ™‚

I am into minimalism and quality of life. I love to surround myself with things I love,
but not too many of them.ย 
When travelling, I love to go places and really understand and feel what they are about.ย 
What the people are like – how they live, learn the history behind it.ย 
The idea for the blog came to my mind when our life started to resemble a nomadic one;)
I needed some creative outlet for all the leftover energy.
My perception of life is thatย we can do enormously well and we should, by all means! But first, tea!
Meaning – we have to find the time and reallyย listen to ourselves so that we can listen to each other.

So here it is. I invite you to join me in my travel, psychology, mental health discussions,

and other lifestyle topicsย I’m passionate about.ย